To be seen clean in the mean Beam/Is every team’s dream; Big L’s a cream fiend/With more green than Springsteen
— Big L

The film is a combination of “8mile” meets “Juice”, sprinkled with a taste of “Above the Rim”. Put It On is an American biographical drama film registered with the Writers Guild of America West. The film is about the late hip-hop artist Lamont Coleman better known as BiG L. The Screen writer and producer on is SG Magazine owner Jesse (Daze) Swindell. The Film is Titled (Put It On), named after the late rappers 1995 single release from his debut album “Lifestyles of Da Poor and Dangerous”. The untold story of late Harlem rapper Big L is one a lot of fans anticipate due to his untimely demise at the age of 24 and his influence in the Hip-Hop culture at such an young age..

Rapper/Actor to portray Big L in the biopic "PUT IT ON" on 139st and Lenox

Rapper/Actor to portray Big L in the biopic "PUT IT ON" on 139st and Lenox

About film Writer and Lead Producer: Jesse (Daze) Swindell

Jesse (Daze) Swindell – I met Big L when I was a kid during 1994 or 1995 through my cousin Rasheem who was apart of the NFL crew in Harlem. Rasheem, Big L , Big Lee and a guy named Reggie was pretty cool, so when I met Big L he showed me nothing but love. Even in my early days as a MC I would go to 139th just to see L out there and I would ask him for advise how to get in the business. After he passed away it always stayed in the back of my head how much of an influence he was. Currently I'm the owner of a known magazine publication, which granted me the opportunity to work with some great people on iconic projects.  I had the opportunity to work on other film sets like Tupac’s All Eyez On Me, Irv Gotti’s BET series Tales and a few others which sparked my brain to do the Big L story. I took a little from each project as far as do's and don'ts to map out a great guild line. With my experience on film projects and media resources I decided to partner up with Big L’s nephew Leroy Phinazee, and Don Phinazee to help bring the Big L story to life in the form of a biopic. I think this film is much needed and has the potential to give New York City that feel good vibe again along with the rest of the Hip-hop community.

The film stems from his early days in the mid 80’s growing up in Harlem New York being influenced by a performance from Run DMC, and verses from Big Daddy Kane to his status as one of the world's most lyrical MC’s and iconic figures in the Hip-Hop community. The film captures the struggles of a young man battling with one foot in the music industry and one foot still in the  streets due to family ties which ultimately leads up to his demise. The film highlights some of his early rap battles with the likes of a young Jay –Z who he later collaborated with live on radio along with a record on his debut album giving Jay-Z his first rap appearance on wax.

Big L was one of the best to do it but never got his fair shot and “Put It On” explains when, why and how he became one of Harlem’s Finest. 


The film Includes rap battle scenes along with portrayed cameos’ from Lord Finesse, Jay-Z, Dame Dash, Biggie, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Ron Brows, Camron,  Mase, and DJ Kay Slay as himself.

Theirs been lots of stories and even a book based on 139th and Lenox on what took place in Harlem during those times Big L was murdered, but none seem to give the full truth of the story. Leroy Phinazee, the son of Big L’s brother Big Lee has jumped on board to help produce the film and give his family's side of what really took place without being bias. Also Big L’s long time friend McGruff, Stan Spit and a handful of the late rappers closes friends has also jumped on board to help bring the deceased rapper back to life in this biopic.

Film writer and producer Jesse (Daze) Swindell

Film writer and producer Jesse (Daze) Swindell


The full script is complete and we are currently shopping it for domestic and international distribution. Filming start date is to be announced at a later time.


Here are a few project A roles we are considering, however nothing is set in stone. We will be doing a official casting call fall of 2019. So if you are a actor or a aspiring actor or just looking to be apart of the Big L legacy follow us on IG and claim your spot in the Big L movie. We want fresh talent.

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